Geox on tour in Barcelona


The last week invited me an event with Yvan Rodic, the creator of Facehunter, at Geox store, the italian brand. Yvan Rodic made the last stop in Barcelona with the #Geoxontour. Previously, he have been at Paris, Berlin and Milan. Besides meeting him I had the opportunity to talk and make a short interview. Here you have our dialogue.

I know that this year you presented your second book, “ A year in the life of Facehunter”. I want to know which is the next step in your career?

My next big project is come up with the web television show. Something what I´m doing now with photos but with videos.

You usually travel all around the world, Do you have a favorite city to make your job like blogger? I mean to work in fashion.

Yes, I like Stockholm a lot. Stockholm is not just a few fashionista but it´s fell like all  the country is really interesting in dressing well and there is something very such an innovated. Is not about brand, it´s about style. I like it a lot.

When you see some person in the street, what do you look first of the outfit? Do you look some garment first?

I don´t look at the outfit specific only. I look at everything. I try to feel the person more than looking at the person. The global package. The attitude, the hair, makeup. I try to catch people who have something unique, not just fashionista.

Do you have a favourite colour?


Geox is the premier Italian footwear brand known for its invention of the “shoe that breathes". It is characterized by stylish design and very comfortable. I met the new collection for this season and is full of colors that will revive your outfits. Suede boots in yellow and violet. Classical moccasins, leopard slippers and a capsule edition designed by Patrick Cox. I chose the model Felicity, in black with a lovely buckle detail and low heel for those busy days.

Do you want to see my outfit by Bocetto I chose for this event?

See you in the next #Geoxontour.[:]

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