Lorena Vilanova


My name is Lorena Vilanova. I was born in Patagonia Argentina, and live in Barcelona since 2010. I have always enjoyed interacting with people and everything related to communication. For that reason I studied journalism and speech.

When I was little I liked to play dress up, dress up and wear my mother´s heels and accessories. Oh and also use her makeup. As I grew I´m interested in buy clothes and be fashionable.

Barcelona was the kick to create my blog. The design that you can seen in the different corners of the city and the mix of cultures and languages, was the inspiration for create The Stylistbook.

I invite you to know the street style photos I do in the cities I visit. I invite you to meet new designers with whom I have the opportunity to talk and learn. And also to discover together new fashion brands.

I invite you to join The Stylistbook.