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The last week I went to the fashion show of Montse Liarte at Gratacós store in Barcelona city. She is a young spanish designer who has got her showroom and atelier in this city. In the atelier she works in a handmade way and prefers to attend personally each client.

The Stylistbook - Street Style Fashion Blog

I had the possibility to meet her and she explain me which is the inspiration of this new collection: “The collection is inspired in the light. Light as the element that wraps all around. It is the sum of all the colors of white, so everything is white. Thanks to the light we see something of the world that is around us. We wanted a fresh collection, not too heavy. For example like the light that is very light”.

The Stylistbook - Street Style Fashion Blog

The most tissues for this collection are mixed cottons and they are from Gratacós store. An important tissues reference in the city. They wanted to use a fresh tissues for the next summer.

The Stylistbook - Street Style Fashion Blog

Finally, the designer told me that she thought for this collection in a strong woman and feminine at the same time. That is the reason why she used light colors like pink, white and others. It involves using colors that favor women without it being childish.[:]

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