Bali Clicks Original, Bali inspirations

The Stylistbook - Bali Clicks Original, Bali inspirations

"Success doesn’t necessarily create happiness, buthappiness in itself creates success.You Decide". With those words Bali Clicks Original Bali presents himself. This is a new concept in jewellery born in 2012 on the island of Bali, which many define as a paradise. Bali Clicks Original is inspired by this place. In its beaches, the colors of its waters and the harmony that reigns in the place.

The firm has a wide variety of bracelets, rings, pendants and keychains.

Handmade bracelets with genuine leather, chain necklaces stainless steel ball and spring washers with balinese designs in stainless steel and natural stone, also hand carved wood , antique glazes , glass or acrylic.

The Stylistbook - Bali Clicks Original, Bali inspirations

In the atelier that Bali Clicks Original has on the island, is where do all their production of their products. They select carefully fabrics and colors and also choose the type of stone used. The goal is to help you to create your own designs. And that's precisely what makes them unique and original. Each click (each stone) of Bali Clicks Original is interchangeable. You can have a variety of models and colors to match your outfits and make sure you never miss that special touch of color. This is a new concept in jewellery, with design, originality and lots of colors.

Bali Clicks Original fun and fashion by one click.

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